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How Kava Can Help Calm Your Mind

Many people are finding that kava assists in ‘winding down’ whilst still achieving mental clarity. Implementing Noble kava into your routine can calm and soothe the nerves as well as increase mind and body relaxation.

Speak to a Pacific islander about being overwhelmed and they will probably ask you what it is! Fijians have a kava culture that is alive and part of their everyday life. Just as many westerners drink their coffee and tea socially, Fijians drink kava – benefiting from the therapeutic effects it has on their mind and body. Studies at the University of Queensland demonstrated the effectiveness of kava in calming and soothing the body and mind. It is the perfect natural solution with no additives!

It is worth noting that kava has been used medicinally, as well as socially and ceremonially, for centuries in Fiji and other Pacific islands. Traditional preparations of kava root using cold water extraction are both safe and effective in producing a calming and soothing effect, which can enhance mood and help ease many of the negative effects caused by being overwhelmed.

Maintaining a calm state of mind is much easier said than done these days! Often the hustle of every day duties can lead to an overwhelmed mind and body. It can be difficult finding solutions for this. Our pick is Noble kava, but we’ve also broken down 3 additional ways you can maintain a calm mindset.

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1. Slow down the pace

Start implementing slower practices into your routine. This way, you can help collate and process thoughts, events and information.

  • Drive in the slow lane or take the scenic route to and from work
  • Add 10 minutes of self care before your day starts; have a cup of tea or try out meditation
  • Be ok with the fact that great things take time, patience and thought – not 24 hours.

2. Relax your muscles 

Tension can often relocate from our mind to our bodies. A sore neck, tight back and headaches are all too familiar. Whether you’re a gym junky or a book worm, we all need to make an effort to promote body relaxation.

  • Run a warm bath for a Friday night in
  • Go for a massage during your lunch break
  • Try out yoga or meditation

3. Get enough sleep

Without adequate sleep, our thought processes can become clouded. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed or disorganised. Sleep rests us, it calms out mind and restores our muscles.

  • Make sure you wind down at night
  • Switch off your electronics or log out of socials an hour before bed
  • Put yourself at ease in the evening, sip on herbal tea, read a book or listen to calming music

Other Benefits of Kava

Kava is traditionally used in Pacific Islander medicine to promote sleep

Kava is traditionally used in Pacific Islander medicine to soothe and calm nerves

Kava is traditionally used in Pacific Islander medicine to promote body relaxation

Kava is traditionally used in Pacific Islander medicine to relax the mind

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