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How Kava Can Help Relieve Muscle Aches and Pains

As well as possessing relaxing effects on the mind, kava is also a natural muscle relaxant. Kava has been used traditionally in Pacific Islander and Western herbal medicines for centuries as an ideal natural solution for relieving sore and tired muscles.

Muscle Relaxant Drugs & Their Common Side Effects

Mainstream muscle relaxants are usually purchased from pharmacies or prescribed to help control pain or muscle spasms. There are two dominant drugs used in this area. One is neuromuscular blockers which are often used during emergencies and in intensive care. The other is Spasmolytics which act on the central nervous system.

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While these medications can be effective in reducing pain, there are several known and harmful side effects which may occur. These include heart problems and paralysis. Patients can also feel heavily sedated, less alert, confused or lethargic when taking these drugs.

Kava as Natural Muscle Relaxant

Through 13 years of medicinal kava research, there is now a greater understanding of the positive effects Kavalactones has on the mind and body. Kavalactones are compounds found in kava root. At Fiji Kava, we strictly use the highest quality Noble kava for our products. By harnessing these kavalactones with a clean cold water extraction method, as done so traditionally in Fiji, Noble kava can support muscle relaxation, calm and soothe nerves and increase mind relaxation.

Chris Kilham from Fox News Health talks extensively about these properties in ‘Kava, Medicine Hunting in Paradise’ (1996, Park Street Press, pp. 103 – 104); he classes kava as a local anaesthetic, a “first rate sedative”, an analgesic “superior to aspirin” and “an excellent muscle relaxant” which can “make the pain of an aching back, a sore neck, or any other cramped, sore, or injured muscle disappear.”

That’s quite a list for our humble little plant.

Other Benefits of Kava

Kava is traditionally used in Pacific Islander medicine to promote sleep

Kava is traditionally used in Pacific Islander medicine to soothe and calm nerves

Kava is traditionally used in Pacific Islander medicine to promote body relaxation

Kava is traditionally used in Pacific Islander medicine to relax the mind

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